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Hi, my name is Veronica. 
I am absolutely excited to welcome you on my Website. 

Maybe I will get the chance to guide YOU along the journey of finding your own YogaGlow. 
I wish you lots of fun reading what the YogaGlow is and why all of this is so important to me. ♡

My vision and motivation

I believe, when you are connected with yourself and in balance there is no need to wish someone something bad, to be jealous or hate someone, to behave in a selfish way or to be mean others.
I believe that everything on the outside is a reflection of your inside.

I have a vision with my yoga classes that is highly interconnected with the ripple effect. An effect that supports our ability to influence the world around us as a radiance. Therefore, it is in our hand to decide what we want to radiate. I want everyone to come out of my Yoga class, being so full of love and happiness that you could hug the entire world. I want you to be fully recharged with heaps of happiness and positive energy, feeling absolutely amazing in your body, twisted and stretched in every possible way and glowing from the bottom of your heart.
You will carry this glow into your daily life, radiating happiness and confidence.
Together we can then create a society based on love and respect. ♡

Being a successful yoga teacher also means to me,
that I can uplift others not only on a personal level, but also financially.
Therefore, 10% of my profit goes to animal rescue and environmental organisations. 

What my students think about the YogaGlow..... 

Social Media

I want to spend as little time possible on my phone and want to be more present in my real life. 
However, we are still all using social media regardless!!
SO why not using these platforms to energise each other, to connect with more like minded people and to expand our network of inspiring, beautiful and strong people?!

Social Media opens the world and helps us to cross path with people, we would have otherwise never met. 

I want to use my account on social media to connect, to share my thought, to build up ideas. 
I want to inspire others and I want to get inspired. 
I want to use social media as a platform to create REAL heart-to-heart connections. 

If this resonates with you connect with me on Instagram by just clicking on one of the photos below. ♡

Questions? I am happy to answer them all! 

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