- an Overview

My philosophy of life

Make Happiness a habit

I want to be so insanely happy, that anyone who comes within 20ft of me can’t help but feel the same way.

BE the change 

"Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself, the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now."

Life is all about balance 

Balance is the key to everything. 
It is not something you find, 
it´s something you CREATE.

We rise by lifting others

Giving is the greatest act of grace. 
10% of my profit goes to animal rescue and environmental organisations 

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self.

The practice will invite you to peal off your ego layer by layer and get to know yourself a bit better.
Yoga is not about the sweating or great poses. It’s not about showing perfect results or competing with someone.
Yoga is a way to inner freedom; it teaches you to listen to your body and your intuition, it teaches you to be present in the moment and it helps to find your balance in life.
 Yoga will remind you that your body is the temple of your soul.

Through Yoga I have found an endless pot of happiness and love inside of me, which is the most amazing and grounding feeling in the world. Teaching yoga has given me an opportunity to share my energy and to guide people to their own soul glow. 

Teaching experiences and educational background

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  • Certified yoga teacher for the traditional Eight-Limbed Path of Ashtange Yoga including Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama and Meditation (200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sadhana Yoga school)
  • Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher (40-hour advanced training with FlYoga Heidelberg)
  • Advanced training in pre-and postnatal Yoga - currently in the teacher training process 
  • Before becoming a certified yoga teacher, I was giving free classes on a weekly basis for 6 months to practice teaching and giving clear instructions. I absorbed all the feedback and was able to optimise my classes. 
  • With over 10 years competition experience in track and field I was able to gain an excellent sense for movement that turned out to be extremely helpful for a yoga teacher basis.

My PFE - Purpose for existence  

- and explanation of my LOGO

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I am teaching yoga, because I want to inspire people how fulfilling it is taking care of body, mind and spirit.
I want you to bounce out of my class, literally filled up with so much love and happiness that you are glowing from the bottom of your heart
I want my classes to be grounding and heart opening, encouraging you to listen more to your heart.
I want to create a network of inspiring, beautiful and strong people that energise each other and create more heart-to-heart connections.
I want to inspire people to live a life in gratitude, because struggle ends when gratitude begins. 


The power of nature has always fascinated me and since I was 5 years old, I was absolutely fascinated by volcanoes and developed a huge passion for geological topics, such as the creation of earth and scientific research of geological development. This passion led me to the studies of Geosciences with a focus on volcanology.
My love for nature does not only contain the interest for earth processes, I also wanted to learn more about the consequences of human impact on our ecosystems and nature in general. Therefore, I have started with my Master in Environmental Engineering. 

I want to use my voice and knowledge to speak up for protecting our earth. I want to help creating more options for a sustainable life on earth. 

Explanation of my LOGO

My logo is an expression of my two greatest passions. The volcano as a symbol for showing my passion and respect for nature's powers and the hearts as a symbol for my purpose, spreading as much love and energy as possible. 

My way to Yoga 

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When I started my Bachelor in Geosciences with a focus on volcanology a dream came true and I followed my studies with great ambition. At that time Yoga was nowhere close.

Generally, I put a lot of energy and passion in everything I do, therefore finding a balance between working and resting was always a big struggle. Especially at the end of my studies I often crossed my limits.
One day, I realised that I have to be more efficient with my energy resources.

At this point, Yoga came into my life. As a track and field girl, I was very sceptically if a "little bit of stretching and breathing" would be the right thing for me. The thought of just sitting there and not doing "real sport" made me extremely nervous. one point, I hopped over my ego and tried my first Yoga class. This Yoga class had nothing to do with a "bit of stretching and breathing".
It was ridiculously physically challenging, but in a different way than all of my other power sports! I was sitting there, after Savassana (the end relaxation) and felt so much peace and love and happiness deep inside...
Never have I ever felt anything comparable before. This moment, I experienced my first YogaGlow. 

That was about 2 years ago. Ever since I have practised Yoga on a daily basis. Studying the Yoga philosophy has inspired me to integrate the fundamentals of a Yogi life into my own life. 

Giving is the greatest act of grace

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Being a successful yoga teacher gives me the opportunity to support others.
Therefore, 10% of my profit goes to animal rescue and environmental organisations. 

Do you know an amazing organization, that is worth supporting? 
I would be more than happy to get suggestions via Email: