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LIVE classes in our beautiful Yurt 
every Thursday evening! 

Please send an email to to join my classes. You will get the weekly schedule and all infos on how to sign up! :)

What can yoga do for you

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The most special thing about yoga is that it is literally made for everyone and satisfies all needs ever existed. Not only does it set an amazing foundation for every other sport, it also helps to become aware of our body language by shifting the focus inside. Furthermore, it enhances concentration and you will learn to keep on breathing and smiling in every stressy situation. Obviously, it does not only have physical effects, but most important it will refresh your mind and sou! 

My classes include the 4 aspects of yoga and all its benefits: 

Asana Praxis (physical movement)

  • Develop a great sense for body movement 
  • Strengthening of the immune system 
  • Become aware of micro movements 
  • Getting rid of toxins and relaxing the nervous system 
  • Aides digestion 
  • Relaxing and strengthening the muscles, increasing flexibility 
  • Atimulates blood circulation 
  • Actively controlling tension and relaxation 
  • Asana as a physical meditation - being present in the moment 

Pranayama (The art of breathing )

  • No breath, no life 
  • Our breath has a great impact on our psychic condition (e.g. we tend to have flat breath, when we are stressed) 
  • Our breath can decrease blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism 
  • prana = life force, prana is associated with the breath, but is so much more 
  • in yoga philosophy the breath controls the vital energetic currents. These currents are responsible for all biological processes within our body

Dhyana (Mediation) 

  • Meditation does not mean to sit over 2 hours quietly without moving and not thinking of anything 
  • Instead what meditation does: it raises the awareness to first notice the pause in between two thoughts, later to extend this pause and calm the mind 
  • Meditation reduces cortisol - the stress hormone - in our body 
  • Meditation is a great tool to reduce sleeping problems 
  • Increasing and becoming aware of your empathetic skills 
  • Increasing creativity 
  • Increasing your general happiness level 


  • Yoga, as a philosophy, wants to create a connection between your individual soul (atman) and the universal soul (brahman) 
  • Yoga is based on 
  • Yoga, als Lebensphilosophie, möchte eine Verbindung zwischen der Individualität, der eigenen Seele (Atman) und der universellen Kraft (Brahman) schaffen 
  • The 8 limbs of yoga that will result from a consistent practice 

         1. Yamas - a guidance how to live your life and relationships in the most ethical way
         2. Niyamas - personal growth
         3. Asanas - working with you physical body
         4. Pranayama - art of breathing
         5. Pratayahara - noticing the sound and sensation around us without judging
         6. Dhasana -concentration
         7. Dhyana - meditation
         8. Samadhi - blissful state - inner freedom 

Structure of my classes

My philosophy: The way you move on your mat is the way you move through your life 

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In my Yoga classes I want to remind you what an amazing miracle your body is!

  • Every class has a theme, e.g. Body awareness, Chakren, Heart opener, hip opener, etc...
  • "Settle in" - I invite you to let go of all the stress you might had before class, shifting your focus inside
  • Depending on the flow:  one or two pranayama exercises before starting to move
  • My flows are generally spicy and sometimes physically challenging. However, I always give variations, so you can decide how intense it is going to be
  • It is extremely important to me, that you will develop a special sense for you body, becoming aware of all the micro movements. Learning to identify and later also control those automatic processes - preferably without having a teacher next to you 
  • Meditation and inner gratitude party to close every class 


  • I am a big advocate for hands-on and will do my best to adjust as much as possible. If you do not want to be adjusted, it is absolutely understandable and no problem at all! Just let me know beginning of the class. 
  • Try to avoid eating "heavy" 2-3 hours before class 
  • bring comfortable clothes and a yoga mat 

WHEN and WHERE do we practice

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Time, date and location of yoga classes and special events are posted in my WhatApp Group (NO spam!!)
Please write me an email to if you want to join the group. When you are ready for a class, you can easily sign up via Whats App. 


*** Please be aware of the Cancellation policy (>> under General provisions)

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75 Min - Online Classes (via ZOOM)- Please send me an Email! I will send you the link one hour before class.
first class:             5 €
Drop-In:              12 €
3 classes:            30 €
*  5 class passes are valid for 2 month from the date of purchase.
* class passes cannot be transferred to another person.

75 Min - Regular                           

first class:           8 €
Drop in:             16 €                                                                                     
5 classes:          70 €                                                                   
10 classes:     130 €                                                                                               
* 5 class passes are valid for 2 month from the date of purchase.
* 10 class passes are valid for 4 month from the date of purchase.
* class passes cannot be transferred to another person.

75 Min - Students  

first class:           8 €
Drop in:             14 €
5 classes:         60 €
10 classes:     110 €
* 5 class passes are valid for 2 month from the date of purchase
* 10 class passes are valid for 4 month from the date of purchase
* class passes cannot be transferred to another person.

Payment options: Cash, Paypal, Transfer


ATTENTION: For PayPal transfers, there is an additional 2,49% + 0,35€ per transfer.
- first class:                         8 €     >>>>  Paypal: 8,56 €
- Drop-in, regular:           16 €     >>>>  Paypal: 16,77 €
- Drop-in, reduced:         14 €    >>>>  Paypal: 14,72  €
- 3 class pass, Online:     30€    >>>>  Paypal: 31,13 €


           Veronica Becker 
           IBAN: DE36 1101 0100 2623 6171 91

If you chose PayPal or transfer, please make sure to send the proof of payment to
BEFORE class.

Purpose of transfer: Name and Email (!!!!)

* 10% of my profit goes to animal rescue and environmental organisations. 

General provisions 

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1. Validity of Class Passes

10 class passes are valid for 4 month from the date of purchase
  5 class passes are valid for 2 month from the date of purchase
The passes are NON-transferable and only valid for the purchaser.

2. Sign up and Cancellation policy
It is extremely important to me to truly address my students requirements and guarantee hands-on, which only allows a certain number of students in every class. Therefore, please sign up to the class of your choice.

Because of scheduling requirements, you agree to pay for scheduled classes in full if you cancel less than 24 hours before class starts. 

3. Online Classes
Again for scheduling requirements, please sign up at least four hours before class via email. 

Private sessions 

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For everyone, who 

  • wants an individual guidance in their asana practice (it does not matter if you are a beginner or more advanced) 
  • is eventually so busy, that participation at a regular time schedules is not possible 
  • has special goals, that are not addressed in regular classes: e.g. handstand, split etc. 

Together we will create a yoga plan, that meets your individual needs and will guide you along the way to your goals. 

If you are interested, send me an email including your wishes. I will then send you an offer as soon as possible. 

Yoga scholarship

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YOGA SCHOLARSHIP - All class passes are HALF the price 

I want yoga to be available for everyone, regardless of the financial status. Therefore, I would like to offer 2 Yoga Scholarships for 2020. 
To apply - please send me an email to and answer the following questions: 
- why do you like yoga and how often to you practice 
- what would a regular yoga practice change in your life? 
- why should you receive this scholarship?

You do NOT have to write a full motivation letter! 
But I would be really happy, if you put some effort in the application. 

Facebook-Group and YouTube Channel 

Free content and connection platform

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Link to Facebook group:

  • Free content, like short meditation videos, discussing the correct alignment of Asanas (postures), Practicing videos etc...
  • This group is also an opportunity to exchange thoughts and to connect with each other. You will also be able to ask me any kind of questions regarding yoga postures, yoga philosophy etc.

Link to YouTube-Channel:

  • All kind of Flows for your daily routine 

Yoga classes during Corona 

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Online yoga classes will continue, please check my Whats App Group to receive all information.

General rules for LIVE yoga classes 

  • Please bring your confirmation of being vaccinated, tested or recovered to class
  • Limited number of participation (!) - binding registration!! 

       When signing up for class, you agree to pay for scheduled classes in full if you
       cancel less than 24 hours before class starts. 

  • Please enter and leave the yurt with masks - During class, you do NOT need to  wear the mask 
  • Please bring your own mat and place in on the marked spots 
  • Generally keep distance
  • If you feel sick, please do us all a favour and stay at home 

Thank you so much for understanding! 

What my students think about the YogaGlow 

Questions? I am happy to answer them all! 

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